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What are OSHO Active Meditations?

OSHO Active Meditations are scientifically designed for the societies of the 21st century to help us create silence in a joyful and fun way. Each meditation begins with activity and physical movements such as shaking, dancing, sound, breathing, etc. Then you move into relaxation and stillness. This is the moment where meditation can happen – a moment to be alert and simply watching the body´s sensations, the thoughts and feelings, accepting everything without any judgement.

For whom are these techniques?

This is an open space for everyone who wants to experience a more unburdened life and to discover the wonders it has to offer. Anyone who is looking forward to connect with creativity and intuition. Discovering “who am I” and trusting existence without letting other people´s tensions, worries or opinions to control us. Those who are willing to live with totality and in abundance.

What are these methods about?

Each method has its own music specifically created to guide the participant through each stage. The active stages help to release accumulated tensions in the body-mind allowing the natural energy flow to move. This way, in the passive stages, you can move into stillness being the witness of whatever is happening inside.

OSHO Meditations

Above you find the descriptions and instructions of the meditations created by Osho.
OSHO Dynamic Meditation
OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation
OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation
OSHO Mandala Meditation
OSHO No-Dimensions Meditation