Self-Hypnosis is a safe, and effective way to
overcome problems in your life and reach your goals.
• Hypnosis is a natural state of awareness that is reachable when
you are fully relaxed. In this state, your subconscious mind is
focused and receptive to positive, beneficial suggestions that can
alleviate the problems you want to address.
• What can Self-Hypnosis do for you? Have you tried to improve your
life, but you are having difficulty making changes? Are unresolved
issues preventing you from moving forward, taking that next step in
your life, your relationships, your career?
Self-Hypnosis offers unique and effective opportunities to address issues that are beyond our conscious control.

What Self-Hypnosis can help you with?
Hypnosis sessions will help you to accomplish:
• Anxiety And Depression - If not now.... when
• Relationship Healing - Change the hurt into strength
• Recovery From Addictions - visiting the fork in the road
• Eliminate Phobias And Fears - learn to change fear into
• Program Modifications - changing subconscious patterns
• Stress - turn it into peace, by looking at it differently
• Weight Control - no more mindless eating, changing the way you
look at food.
• Regression Work - healing within and rewriting your Life (Age
regression & PLR)
• Increase Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence - change Your
Thought, Change your Life, You will take back all your Personal
Power and gain a Confident Life
• Learn to Love Yourself - the greatest gift of all


​Anxiety can interfere with our ability to enjoy life or be productive. The use of both counselling and hypnotherapy offers a combination of powerful tools to address the underlying causes and make lasting changes.


Trauma and big emotional experiences from our past can often linger and get in the way of who we want to me. Rapid Resolution Hypnotherapy can release these burdens and allow you to move on with your life.


​It may be time to quit smoking or change your attitude towards taking better care of yourself. Whatever behaviors you would like to address, hypnosis can produce results quickly and effectively.

Common Questions
Q. Can anyone be hypnotized?
A. Most people can, providing they are able to
understand the things they have to do in order to
achieve this state.
Q. Can I be made to say or do anything against my will
whilst I am in hypnosis?
A. No. Clinical hypnosis is not the same as stage
hypnosis, you are free to accept or reject any
suggestions made.
Q. Will I be aware of what is happening or being said whilst
I am in the hypnosis state?
A. Yes. You will feel deeply relaxed but will never
lose contact with the Hypnotherapist’s voice.
Q. Will I be able to drive afterwards?
A. Yes. You will still be feeling relaxed, however your
actions and reactions will be functioning super
Q. When I am in hypnosis am I unconscious?
A. No, you are in a state half-way between sleep and

Inquire about Self-Hypnosis Pricing
To book a session, or even if
you have any questions regarding
hypnotherapy or Self-hypnosis, please contact
Govind Ajay (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Meditation facilitator).
Personal one on one 60 to 90 minutes
session -$150
Special Pricing with Bundles
$400.00 for 3 sessions
$500.00 for 4 sessions
$700.00 for 6 sessions
Call or text 778-855-7301 to Book confidential